February Kid’s Themes and Projects

I will be sharing some of the activities we are planning for our kids this month!

Usually I will do this before the month begins but Covid is kicking my ass and I am able to sit up in the sunlight for the first time today.

We have a busy month with four themes because the calendar is dumb. It’s hard to cram it all in when you use the Canadian, Christian, Chinese and school calendar to plan your life.

We already finished up Lunar New Year, which spanned 10 days in January and February. I’ll spare you the details because you can’t use them now. You can link to my Pinterest board here for next year, if you like.

We did just two days of Groundhog Day crafts and projects because it bumped up against the New Year by a day. Phew. Hopefully next year we can expand on this. The kids didn’t really buy in…

Now we are on to Valentines Day, of course! Yahoo!

We have some really great things planned! I have a bin for each holiday in our storage room and I pull it out a few weeks before we are ready to get going to make sure I have what I need. One of the things I do is keep all our holiday themed books in those bins. It helps us from being overwhelmed by our library and keeps costs down as they don’t remember the books from one year to the next and think it’s very exciting!

So, the books are out and the decorations are going up.

We are turning their cute little market stand into a Kissing Booth! You’ll recall it was a Chinese Restaurant last week…

You can get a similar one from Melissa and Doug on Amazon. We’ve had ours a while now and I can’t find the exact one anymore but it has been very, very versatile!

We are also doing a Valentine’s exchange with friends. We have twenty kids signed up so the presents should be fab! I’ll post more about that tomorrow!

I’ll link our printable site tomorrow, too! In the meantime it would be good to get a laminator if you want to keep costs down and create reusable tools. We use the Scotch one.

I’m busting my butt to get in the Valentine’s mood with Covid but we switch to Black History Month on February 15th so I have to hunker down!

More on that soon!

Two Fun Valentine’s Things for You and Your Honey To Do!

Love is blind, right? How about testing that out with this blind tasting set from Road 13 Vineyards?

Blind Tasting Set

You can have this shipped right to your house already under wraps with instructions! This would make a really fun date night for people who are staying home! I love, love love Road 13 Vineyards. We are wine club members and they are outstanding at amazing treat wines. By treat wines I mean expensive ones that you wouldn’t drink every day. But they are really worth it.

Some of our 2020 Anniversary Wine Tour haul. Road 13 was a big winner!

The other fun thing you could do if your price range is higher is attend the second Off Menu night at Maurya’s Cuisine!

You can get a bonus if you book soon!

We really enjoyed the first off-menu dinner they had last month. This is another 6-course offering and it’s sure to be outstanding!

I’ll post more as I see them and maybe a few you can do on your own, too!

What wine goes with covid?

Oh, poop.

It was inevitable. Not just because it’s highly transmissable, but I’m high risk.

I don’t have a medical condition. I’m a snacker. I like meals, and all. But I LOVE snacking. Especially in my van.

So, we are tucked away at home with all four kids. Not. Drinking. Wine.

I feel junky and even good food would be a waste right now.

Wish us luck. There is no isolating with little humans in the house.

Why did we get covid? It’s so weird…

Lunar New Year Celebrations!

I spent so much time organizing this dinner….

I ordered books online. I had decor. I pre-ordered the food from MoonWok in Kamloops. I searched the city for fortune cookies and little red envelopes.

It took weeks.

My kids destroyed it in 12 minutes. Kiddo Three ate 3 oranges and two chocolate coins. That’s it.

Was it dumb? Did I waste my time?

Nope. Kevin and I loved watching it all fall apart. We have a mountain of food left that we actually like. They are all in bed. We are sipping the 2020 Woops from The Vibrant Vine. I’m sitting in a DPAC meeting and Kevin is doing home improvement projects.

Tomorrow we have a crash course in Groundhog Day planned. What wine goes with that?

Sippy Cups: An announcement and an Update!

Update – 2022

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a decade since I started doing this blogging and sipping and writing and wining thing! That’s crazy!

Although I had been writing about trying wine and learning about wine and wine-making as a Mom the whole time I’ve been doing this, it was just over four years ago that our family life really changed. Like, really, really changed.

We adopted a baby. Then another and another all within three years. So we had two older daughters, one with a pile of extra needs, and three babies in our house. Things got I.N.T.E.N.S.E.

I tried over and over for the last three years to get back into the swing of things with writing and blogging and reviewing and going to wine events and every single time I fell off the wagon.

By fell off the wagon I mean couldn’t try wine, stay awake to write about it, get out of the house clean enough to do peopley things, go away or be responsible for anything other than keeping children alive.

The blog kept starting and stopping suddenly. I felt miserable about it since I really do love it, and our lifestyle kept morphing into something wonderful and exciting and tender and fun and chaotic. Heavy on the chaotic.

Cue the creative thinking.

I’ll just blog about that. It’s fun! We do neat stuff. We cram in a healthy amount of adult content. We can do this!!

So, here I am. The blog is now called ‘Sippy Cups in the City’ and I write about trying to do cool, West coast, grown up, city things while keeping tiny humans alive and engaged and growing emotionally and spiritually.

It’s a new vibe.

I hope you like it! Cheers!

$20 lunch at Match Eatery!

I met a lovely friend for lunch on Friday and we chose to done at a 'Dine Around BC'restaurant. 

For $20 I got 3 courses! Dessert! A giant pizza!

I paired it with Jackson Triggs Cabernet Savignon which was surprisingly perfect!

I didn’t get a picture of the toffee pudding dessert. You can imagine it, I’m sure.

If you can pop into Match before February 10th then you should!