the only 2 wineries you should go to

Wine tasting during covid is hard, y’all….

I’ve been giving it my all and have had some success and some challenges. Some places are open by appointment only. Some have new online booking systems that are glitching like crazy. Some have limited hours. Some are open but have drastically reduced the tasting experience. Some still give crappy service but that hasn’t actually changed. You know I am a wine tasting snob.

I’ve done three wine tours and a few one-off visits since things slowly reopened in the Summer. From Osoyoos to Kamloops and all points in between I worked LIKE A DOG for you guys and tried wine like crazy. You’re welcome. I can report that I have just two places you need to get to before they wrap up for the year (or change things up dramatically for the winter.

Top of the List

Best tour of 2020 –

Hands down this was our best visit of the year. Exceptional staff, exceptional tasting, fantastic views, great stories, so much knowledge!!!

I can’t recommend this property enough. Not only do they have a fantastic philosophy about wine making, grape growing, land stewardship and the Earth, they are all great people and we had some absolutely amazing wine.

You do need to prebook. Call ahead as things may have changed but plan some time to be here. Ask questions and bring all your money. You will need it. We signed up for the wine club after 2 samples.

All the fun you can have semi drunk –

The link above gets you into the website for this deal!!

Jesus, don’t wear spikey heels to this winery. It is a trippy place!! First, you get your 3D glasses, then you get a bunch of wine samples, then you need to leave without making an ass of yourself.

Seriously, this wine tasting is an amazing and inspiring story, told with gusto and heart (and well-deserved pride), woven with a little wine here and there to warm you up to the idea that you are in love with the whole place. You’ll leave wanting to come back and bring your friends. I won’t give any of it away if you haven’t been but the wine is more than impressive, the place is a thing unto itself and the experience is one of a kind in BC.

Get thee to the grape, wino!

And that’s what I have to say about that. Go two places by the end of 2020. Add vote if you are in the USA.

The end.