choosing a wine… when you have no idea what to do

There are a lot of different types of wine to choose from in your local liquor store.  Which one is best for you?  Well, the great thing is you’ll just have to try them to find out!  Some of the selection you’ll have to choose from include;

  • Red wines – made form dark skinned grapes.
  • White wines – This wine is made from light skinned grapes or from dark skinned grapes whose skins have been removed prior to processing.
  • Rose wines- This is made from leaving the skins on dark grapes just so the wine is tinted and then removing them.
  • Sparkling wines or champagnes- This is made as a regular wine and then goes through a second fermentation process.
  • Dessert wines – These are made the same as the others, but have a higher sugar content.
  • Port wines – a sweet, fortified wine originating in Portugal but replicated by many growing regions now.

Each of these types will have individual wines that are sweeter or drier.  I have found that whites that are described as ‘crisp’ tend to be a bit drier.  On the shelf you will often see a rating of ‘0’ or ‘1’ for example to describe the sweetness of the wine.  These are not on the bottles however and you will have to remember that little number.  Tough to do after a glass or two!

There is so much more to how a wine tastes than its sweetness rating though that I have really given up on the whole thing.  I find checking to see what food pairings are suggested is a better way to determine what’s likely in the bottle.  And just so I don’t get too full of myself I’ll sometimes buy a wine just because I love the name.  Check out where you can learn all about the line of Fat Bastard wines or buy their hippo-loving shirts and caps!


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