a hobby worth getting in to

I started out a few years ago making those good for you kind of resolutions.  You know, not the ‘I won’t’ kind that are bound to fail but the ‘I will’ sort of statements that lead you to be a better person.  So far the resolution I have had the most success with (and the most fun) is gaining an appreciation for wine.  As a working Mom with a busy life crammed with not just work but lots of volunteering,  school functions and chauffeuring this was a resolution I could really throw myself into with enthusiasm!

I know, “not much of a resolution,” you say.  But I was really, really not a wine drinker.  The closest I came was Arbor Mist.  But I was feeling a little embarrassed when I would visit a restaurant with friends or try to bring a bottle as a hostess gift.  So I was determined to try to learn something.  And learn I have!

The first thing I did was get on the internet.  There are some great wine sites for the inexperienced sipper.  Try www.vino.com or www.wine-lovers-page.com for some great basic info.  Armed with some basic knowledge (like which end of the bottle houses the cork) I decided to try hosting my first ever wine tasting party.

It was a very basic affair.  Each lady (for it was a ladies-night-out-kind of thing) brought one bottle of wine.  I assigned them by grape variety.  That is the most basic of divisions.  So a Pinot Noir is made of Pinot Noir grapes.  A Malbec is made of Malbec grapes.  I was starting to feel like a sommelier!  We tried 5 reds, 5 whites and a port.  All under $20 bottle at our local liquor store.  What a great evening with friends!

Since then I have attended Wine Tastings, hosted other themed nights and even made a few stops at wineries in the Okanagan to taste wine while watching the very vines it came from bask in the sun.

This is a hobby I could really get into!


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