liquor store review – where are they fluent in winese?

I had a fantastic experience today at the Lansdowne Liquor Store today. Not only did they have a great selection of wines but they had…

lots of BC wines

great staff

lots of background info on the families and stories behind the wines.

When I told Dana I was looking for a wine for a tasting with a ‘sparks’ theme she had at least a dozen ideas right away! She knew the store like the back of her hand and had personal opinions about a lot of the wines we talked about. She knew what sold well and what didn’t. And she knew what the hell Gamay grapes were. She even introduced me to a new grape variety that I’ll explore in an upcoming post!

They had a whole rack of wines under $20 as well! Hello!!

After I had wandered around aimlessly for a while the manager/owner??, Ileene, came over and we chatted even more. She told me some great stories about the wineries around the Okanagan and pointed out some more great wines to try. I could have left with 20 bottles.

If you are new to wine or are looking for something specific and need help I would absolutely recommend going to see these ladies!

They are located at #225 450 Lansdowne (the same complex as London Drugs) and they ring a ding ding at 250.571.1377

* disclaimer – they don’t know me from Adam… the opinions are my own and they didn’t even give me a discount for being sober downtown today!


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