review – cupcake vineyards prosecco

Here is our first full out review on this blog!

We had 3 sparkling wines at our wine tasting this month. This Italian wine came in 2nd out of the three. There really wasn’t much to it and it didn’t stand out. We always chat about what we would buy the wine for… is it great for dinner? Just sipping? Having with cheese? Breakfast?

This one is just a sipper. On the back of the bottle it suggests to pair this wine with prosciutto-wrapped melon or fettuccine alfredo. I can think of a lot of wines I would prefer to drink with a great alfredo sauce. We had a range of appies from smoked cheeses and breads to pakoras and toastados.

You will see wines rated out of six around here. There is no real reason why… we’ve just always done it that way! This sparkly white gets a 3.5 out of 6.

You can find out all about this wine at


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