review – st hubertus wine goddess

This Okanagan estate winery is one of my favorites anyways but I have to say they really hit it out of the park with this one.

The 2009 Wine Goddess is a white blend and it is full of flavor and bold enough to have with lots of different dishes and not get lost. Nine of us tried this at our wine tasting and there were only two people in the crowd that were die hard white lovers. Despite that this wine got 4.7 out of 6. On top of that 3 out of the nine declared it the top wine of the night.

It is certainly not a dry white and it is not oak-ey. It is fruity and smells gorgeous. Floral and bold. It would be great with everything from chicken dishes to spaghetti to brie and grapes.

If you were going to take a wine somewhere to give as a hostess gift this would be a great choice. It is a great sipper – even for a wine newbie!

It cost about $20 and I bought it at an independent liquor store. I am not sure you could get it at a BC Government store… St Hubertus is a smaller winery. I hope you try this one. It is fantastic!


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