you’re not an alcoholic if you take notes….

I am blessed with a terrible memory. I have decided after complaining about my bad memory for many years to just be happy about it and embrace my lack of brain power. Frankly, there are probably a good number of things I am lucky to have forgotten.

This past week I ran into someone that asked me to recommend a few good wines that can be purchased for a decent price. That led to a whole other conversation on what is a good price but I’ll get to that another time. The point of this story is that I could only think of one. Not because I have only come across one good wine this year but because I have no ability to remember what I like.

Back when I held my first wine tasting I provided each guest with a little notebook and a cute pencil to take notes. That went really well for the first 4 bottles or so. As the night progressed our notes became less detailed if not more creative. Somewhere along the line we devised a point system similar to figure skating and rated them out of six. Funnily enough we remembered that and still use it!

Although the keeping of a wine log is not much good when you are drinking -rather than tasting- wine it certainly has its place. I have a little envelope in the cupboard with my wine glasses where I stuff notes and labels related to my wine travels. I do actually refer back to it too! I take note of the brand, varietal, year and any other significant info from the wine label, my personal rating out of 6, the price if I know it and any personal notes that I think may help trigger my memory.

I have also taken to bringing a pen with me to the liquor store and will write the dryness rating and price right on the label of bottles I don’t plan to drink any time soon (or give away!!) so I can enjoy them as they were meant to be enjoyed.

A wine log can be a great tool as you learn what you like. Keep a small journal, tuck notes away in a special place or check out a ready made one form a book store. Whether your memory is good or bad it can’t hurt to stay a bit organized! Plus it seems more like an ‘official’ hobby this way….


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