review – shot in the dark shiraz

Shot in the Dark makes a great little bottle of 2010 Shiraz Petite Sirah that sells for $16 here in Kamloops. You get it at the Government Liquor St. It comes from Down Under.

I wonder how they can sell a glass bottle that travels half way around the world for the same price that they sell one that comes from sixty minutes down the road. Remind me to go ask someone about that. Where are the shipping costs absorbed? God, I hope it’s not $2 down there….

If it is $2 a bottle in Australia then get in your grab your sheila or your bloke and hop the pond, rent an auto and fill yer’ boot to the brim with the bloody stuff, mate! It’s frickin’ fantastic!

For $16 (which is an ok price for a read red wine you can actually drink while you are eating) this is a nice, flavorful wine. It has been oaked (which means it has relaxed and mellowed in oak barrels instead of stainless steel) and is fruity without coming across as sweet. It has a bit of finish even. Most of the wines we tried that night had little or no finish. (that’s staying power if you are having a breath mint or after taste if you are a toddler)

The bottle describes the flavor as black, cherry, blackberry, chocolate and spice with hints of smoke and espresso. If you see smoke, espresso, leather, earthy… anything like that on the description side of the label know you are going to have a dry feeling in your mouth after you swallow the wine. IF you are new to wine or don’t care for red wine so much this is something you want to avoid. Or spend less money to try out.

There were nine of us trying this particular bottle that night. The lowest score for SHOT was 2.5 and the highest was 4.5. Two people gave this the number one rank at the end of the night and the whole bottle was gone by the time everyone left. This wine had an overall score of 3.6.

Last word? Get your barbie fired up, grab some steaks and a bottle of Shot in the Dark, invite over the sheilas and prepare to have fun, mate!


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