review – tharapy pink freud 2011

Therapy… for twenty bucks? I’m in!

Or at least I am willing to give it a go. What kind of therapy can you get for $20? It turns out we should have all chipped in and just eaten cookie dough and watched Beaches.

Therapy is a winery in Naramata, BC. This bottle says ‘Produced and Bottled by’ so these are probably grapes that they bought as opposed to grew on their land in their very own soil. You can find them at

They only chat up their 2012 wines on their website and I will admit to you (assume I am whispering here) that we had already had a glass or two before we gave this one a try so I am going on memory here when I describe it to you.

Pink Freud is a blush wine. Blush is made from red skinned grapes but not left too long with the skins so it doesn’t develop all the color a red wine does. Here is a completely unsubstantiated claim. Blush doesn’t get all the flavor either. EVER.

So blush wines are lighter in color and flavor. This one is really light.

All in all Pink Freud is pretty nondescript. It was not too dry, not too sweet. Not to fruity and not to spicy. It had no finish (after taste if you are new to this) and you forgot about it as soon as you drank it.

As far as pairing it with anything we all agreed that if you served it past brunch you were going to be disappointed. The description on the bottle uses the words bold, rich, dark and memorable. ummm…. we need to talk about that. What did you think of your Mother?

Of nine reviewers no one thought this was ‘wine of the night’ and it got a pretty poor 2.7/6. It just didn’t have much going on. I hate to sound harsh but take a pass on this one and try a therapy of another sort.


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