review – LAYER CAKE shiraz

This wine is straight up.It tells you right on the bottle it is 100% shiraz, from South Australia, 2010 vintage and 14.1% alcohol. And that’s just the front label!

Actually, they lay it all out there at the beginning then leave you guessing. Usually you can tell a bit about the wine by reading the back of the bottle. It will tell you what notes to expect and maybe if it was aged in oak or stainless steel. It will give you some suggestions on what to drink it with…. this one? It tells you the story of the guy’s Grandpa.

Now, I love Grandpas… but mine didn’t know a lick about good wine.

The complaining is out of the way. And this is actually a nice wine. It was the most expensive bottle we tried that night – coming in at $25. It was full bodied and not too dry (which is good to me). All in all it came away with 3.7 out of 6.

But I am surprised because most of us really liked it. Just one lady that night thought this was ‘too red’. She gave it a 2. That seems to have brought the score way down. Just one of us thought this was the wine of the night but it was up against some pretty stellar BC wines. I would absolutely recommend this as a great wine for dinner. If you are buying someone a bottle of wine and they are young, or don’t know much about wine, or drink Palm Bays most of the time this is not the wine to start them off with. If you need to bring wine to your girlfriends parents house this should do nicely. You’ll impress your future father-in-law for sure!

In summary – not for first time wine drinkers but if you want something most people will have with their steak this one is a winner!


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