restaurant review – why buy wine at frick and frack

Have you been to Frick and Frack? Down at 6th and Victoria?

It’s a tap house beer place. That means it has one million beers from all over the universe. Really. There are like 6 pages on their drink menu that are just beer.

My sweetie and I stopped there on Saturday night before going to a play. We had time for a quick drink and a chat about things that have nothing to do with Elmo, Toopie or poop. Fun times!

I have tried to like beer many times. I’ll keep trying but it will probably never be my first choice as far as drinks go. With the exception of time spent at Frick and Frack. Buying a glass of wine in this restaurant is like buying cream and eggs from a corner store in Mexico. Not worth the money, honey.

Their wine list is very, very slim for a restaurant in the heart of Canada’s wine country. By the glass they had just one BC red and 1 BC white. This was the house wine that they sell for $5.99(w) and $6.25(r) a glass.

They had maybe half a dozen other choices and the rest were pretty standard fare ranging for $6.75 to about $9 a glass.

I chose a Spanish wine. The waitress knew nothing about it and when I hesitated she didn’t try to step in and help. It was a Tempranillo from Lopez Pergalas. I paid $6.75.

When she returned to the table with it our waitress literally dropped it and ran. I don’t think she even looked at me. She never did check back to see if it was what I wanted. Once I bought a glass of wine at the Keg which I hated and they very gladly replaced it with another.

As for the wine, it was a typical old world red. I must say it was peppery without being super dry which was great for me because otherwise there is no way I could have finished it.

It was not at all fruity when you drank it but did have a bit of a cherry finish. I actually thought it was a bit chemically-tasting but Kevin didn’t taste that when he tried it. Someone told me once that some wines have flavor enhancers and additives but I haven’t really checked that out. This wine reminded me to look into it though. That should tell you all you need to know right there!

So the final verdict is don’t buy wine at Frick and Frack – just try a weird beer. And don’t buy this wine unless you like chemical fumes!


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