pinot gris icing – 3 recipes


Wouldn’t it be awesome to surprise your sweetie with cookies just for him or her that you made using a lovely wine? Need help? I am all over that for ya!

I really want to make some sugar cookies or maybe some little sandwich cookies that taste like a hint of white wine. What a great way to make something sweet into a ‘just-for-grownups’ treat!

Today I worked on making an icing for them. I know from my earlier experiments with root beer float cookies that you get the most punch from the flavour of your icing. Once you bake the cookies the flavours just aren’t going to be the same.

I tried three different ways to make a Pinot Gris icing with varied success.

1st try….

Pinot Gris Buttercream


First I tried to make a white wine reduction. I took 1 1/2 cups of pinot gris (U brew for the purposes of experimenting) and 2 tablespoons of sugar and I warmed it over medium high until it was down to about 3/4 cup. Then I added 1 tablespoon of butter (for buttercream).

Cool and start to beat it in a stand mixer.

Right away I knew this wasn’t going to work. All the icing sugar in the world wasn’t going to firm this up.

So I added 1/4 cup of butter in. Then I just kept adding icing sugar until it was stiff.


Voila! It tastes more like buttercream than white wine though. So I tried….

Pinot Gris Glaze


This time I took 2 tablespoons of wine and turned the mixer on low and just started adding icing sugar. It took lots of sugar! By the time I was done I had a nice glaze but little wine flavour. The color is pretty plain, too. BUT… it actually has a wine like finish!

So if you had a really nice sugar cookie or wanted to glaze a sandwich cookie this would give you a real wine experience! Kinda a win. But not quite as good as…..

Pinot Gris 7 Minute Frosting


We have a winner!

I went to my Grandma’s cookbook and looked up 7 Minute frosting.

1c brown sugar
1 egg white
1 oz water

I added wine instead of water and got to work!


I don’t have a double boiler (hint hint, honey) so I use a metal bowl over a pot.

You combine the ingredients in the bowl


and beat them over medium-high heat until your arm falls off. Seriously. Apparently that is 7 minutes but feels like 45.

I looked up this recipe online afterwards and now that we have electricity you can do this with a hand mixer. My recipe book didn’t account for that.

You beat it until it holds it’s peaks. I didn’t have the patience or stamina for that and since it is for cookies and not cake I gave up when it was stiff but not that stiff.


That’s a poor picture but it is impossible to take a good picture while beating the shit out of something hot that is sliding around on your stove.

This one needs to be used right away so it won’t be good for icing cookies on Monday but it really does taste like wine! And it’s good!

So here are all 3…


The standings are as follows

GOLD – 7 Minute Pinot Gris Icing

SILVER – Pinot Gris Buttercream

BRONZE – Pinot Gris Glaze

But they are all good! Next up? The cookies!


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