review – harper’s trail 2011 riesling

Did you know Kamloops boasts it’s own winery? It does! And they put out their first wines last year.

I’ll follow up another time with a post all about the winery and the family and all the stuff that makes this very interesting. This time we’ll just talk about this wine.

I bought this wine the same day I bought for our January tasting. It was available at the Lansdowne Liquor Store. BUT… I hear they are damn near sold out of this stuff so get it while you can if you are interested.

They produced three wines last year. This is the last one available.

I am going to assume if you are following along with this blog instead of one of the ‘winier’ blogs (read – people who know a least a bit about wine) that you are pretty new to wine.

So I’ll start by saying that Riesling is a white wine. I bought this bottle for just over $20. That counts as an expensive white for me. Especially if I don’t have any particular reason to drink it or give it away.

This was a good wine. Was it fantastically awesome? Ummm… well, I don’t want to get kicked out of Kamloops but I would say no.

It had lots of flavour and a nice punch of fruity love. It was full bodied and would stand up to any dinner you threw at it. The label says to serve it with chili heat, firm cheese and seafood. Yup, I can see that. But I’ll see your seafood and raise you some ribs. If you really, really don’t like red wine and want something you can serve with bold BBQ and still taste I think this would cut it!

Lots of people like their little neat box when it comes to wine. Some hate chardonnay, others drink only red. They don’t go outside that box. I will admit that you would have to twist my arm to get me to buy a chardonnay or a Gewürztraminer (I had to look up how to spell that). I just haven’t come across one I really like yet. But I am willing to put in the hard work looking!

Back to Harper’s Trail. If you are looking for a great BC wine and you are set on a BC VQA wine to buy then this is worth the $20. If you want a nice tasty white that packs a flavor punch you can probably find one for less money if you look outside of BC. It’s fruity but not fruit-forward. There is something a bit earthy about it. I’ll bet it is aged in oak for at least some of it’s resting period but maybe not all of it. This bottle sports a sticker that says it won a Bronze Wine Access Canadian Wine Award in 2012. Great! But you have to love it to drink it so who really cares what the wine snobs say.

It’s worth a try! It would be a great gift for anyone who is visiting here or if you were bringing a hostess gift to someone. You can find out more about Harper’s Trail here…


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