you’re invited to our next wine tasting!


So we are having a wine tasting party on March the 2nd.

And YOU are invited!

I’ll be posting my reviews here and I’ll have a few guest posters coming up as well. We would like you to join us by sampling a wine yourself and reviewing it for us!

So here is your assignment. In honour of the leprechaun, for March we are hunting down wines with green on the label or green in the name. So you need to find yourself a wine under $20 that has a green label, a green name or a green theme! On March the second you need to crack that bottle open and try it out. With friends, on your own, with your Mom, with a leprechaun…. whatever floats your cork!

Between now and then I’ll be posting some tips on being a wine snob. How to really try out wine if you have never been to a tasting, why you sip, why you spit, why you eat, how to read the label… everything you need to know to join our wine club!

So stay tuned!

Give us a shout and let us know if you are in. I am excited to hear your reviews and share them with our readers!



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  2. Jocellyn
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 09:31:07

    Sounds festive! I’ll be house sitting at a place with a jacuzzi, so I’ll drink a glass while a soak and really indulge in my inner wine snob.



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