a quick way to buy wine if you never really had it before….

Here is a super quick tip.

If you are not a wine drinker but need to buy something for yourself or friends like you (why would you have friends that were anything else??) a good way to stay safe is to buy a bottle you think looks nice.

Seems too simple? Here’s the science.

Old world wines, the kind that have been aged, perfected, crafted, gathered a following over a century of wine making are pretty heavy duty. Like Shakespeare over Nora Roberts. Wines from countries like Portugal, Greece, Germany and France can be pretty distinctive.

Wines from new, hip wineries that are appealing with their heavy marketing to the Starbucks loving masses are likely to be less offensive to the greatest amount of people.

So if you love you some fancy Pier One bright pink dinnerware find a bottle that will look good with your new dishes. That wine is probably designed just for you! A surface dweller in the swamp of wine knowledge. As you delve deeper into that swamp you may find just what you are looking for.

Until then buy the bottle with the cute label!


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