review – u brew malbec

So I cheaped out for my anniversary celebration and just cracked open a bottle of our U-Brew red.

We started making U-Brew wine a few years ago. And I made it to be cheap. I was regularly entertaining a friend that hung out most evenings. We would have a glass of wine in the evening. every. evening. This was starting to add up as I was the only one buying the wine.

My hubby-to-be always has a batch of U-Brew beer on. He and his buddies have their own little recipe they have perfected and he makes it all the time. He suggested I try the wine. We figured we could make it for under $4 a bottle. Less than half f what I was paying to entertain my friend with the good timing.

My parents love their U-Brew wine. They make 8-10 batches a year. Not expensive kits either. The cheap ones from Costco. They love it!! LOVE IT! Don’t drink anything else. So I gave it a go.

At first I was pretty impressed. We have made Malbec, Pinot Gris, Shiraz… quite a few. It was serving it’s purpose quite nicely. It was a good camping wine and cheap to serve on weeknights when we weren’t picky.

Well, I am over it. Really, we can barely drink the stuff now. This is a Chilean Malbec by World Vinyard. It tastes watered down, weak and bodiless. I let it sit six months and cracked open this bottle on Friday. Still tastes that way. I used to let them breathe for a day on my counter but I am having a fruit fly outbreak right now so that can’t happen. And the stuff is awful.

We were planning on making 2 batches for our upcoming wedding but I am thinking that we will have to rethink it. I am just not up to drinking this again.

My next mission is to find a good $8 wine for my wedding.

Let the research begin!


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