review – sola ~ nero

I am trying to find a cheap wine that passes my test.

And by cheap I mean about $6 per bottle.

We are getting married this summer and as the guest list keeps growing we really need to keep it simple. We talked about making the wine at our U-brew joint… which costs us about $4 a bottle. Both of us have become a bit disenchanted with our u-brew bottles of late, though. It was all well and good for a while but I really don’t care for it at all. And although our families aren’t the pickiest drinkers on the planet (read that as we are all happy to indulge no matter the drink) I don’t want to serve them nail polish remover.

SO tonight we went to our local BC Liquor store and checked the prices. We could get some cheap wine for the equivilant of $7 a bottle on sale. I am sure there will always be something around that price so we are in no rush to grab four cases this week. Tonight we bought two to try and cracked open the Sola White to eat with perogies and sausage.

This wine was a ’00’ from BC. But it is not a BC wine. Ha! Tricky business. Just because a wine is ‘made’ in BC doesn’t mean the grapes in the bottle were grown in BC. This wine is made from domestic and international grapes. That probably means California but I am just guessing. We paid $7.59 for the bottle.

It chats away on the label about being inspired by the sun and pleasure all around. It also says it’s delicate and round. Those two terms seems like opposites to me.

I would say it is flavourful, fruity and sweet. Not port sweet but a bit sweet compared to others. It is a bit oaked and reminds me of Chardonnay. It is actually similar to the Pinot Gris we make at the U-brew but a bit more full bodied. It is not a complex wine. It has no finish… but it doesn’t have the sharp bite that our U-brew seems to have that we are disliking so much.

Is it our wedding wine? Nope. Is it an ok wine? Kinda.

I think you are getting what you pay for here. And I would rather spend $2 more and get a lot more bang for my buck.


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