review – nero

So this is the sister to Sola. The red-headed vixen sister!!

Nero is a BC wine made from domestic and imported grapes. That means the winery buys grapes from other wineries to make the wine. Pretty common. Not underhanded and sneaky. I used to think this was a bit sneaky but if you read the label the info is all there. You can tell by a couple of other clues, too.

#1 – it’s $.7.59 a bottle. That is about as cheap as it gets.

#2 – it has no year, no grape, no wording on the bottle that tells you when and where it was made.

Generic wines like this are the same year after year and bottle after bottle. They are just that – generic.

So at under $8 a bottle this is one of the cheapest red wines you can get here in BC. So how does it taste…

It’s OK!

Red wine is more expensive than white as a rule. Why? Beats me. I’ll try to remember to ask someone. I usually buy a bottle of red for around $17. That is a fancy bottle to me that I would enjoy on a special night at home. If I were entertaining a ‘winey’ person I would spend $25 and if I was buying a gift I would spend $35-$55. SO now you know what price range I am comfortable in.

This wine is similar to $12-$15 bottles I have purchased in the last year. At half the price!

But it does taste pretty generic. Remember we are looking for a red to serve at our wedding. Is this it? Probably not. It is not too fruity and it has poor body. No finish (after taste if you are eating onions). I love finish. So that always makes me sad when a wine has no finish. It is not oaked or if it is it doesn’t show it off. But it is not too sweet so props for that.

I wouldn’t recommend you buy this wine unless all you have ever purchased before is two-buck chuck!

On to the next one!!


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