review – cat’s pee on a gooseberry bush.. major fail

I am going to make a little form for the seven wines we tried this weekend so we are comparing them the same way each time…. so this will look the same for the next six reviews this week!

Name of the Wine: Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush Sauvignon Blanc

Country of Origin: New Zealand

Year: 2009

Price: $18

Rating: 2.3

What made this wine fit our theme for the night?: The label and bottle are green!

Comments: I have never had a wine yet that everyone thought was quite so awful. I asked each person to write down a sentence or two about the wines we tasted as we went along and this is what I got for Cat Pee…

  • Smells horrible, not dry, not a lot of flavor
  • Very oaky. Smell not appealing. Taste doesn’t last
  • Smells like cat pee (we all thought this)
  • Oak, meaty and warm (this lady rated it a 3 out of 6)
  • Not dry or intensely flavoured as the bottle says

It really did smell like cat pee! The description on the bottle describes the wine as having gentle hints of cat…. What? Who finds that appealing?

Now, I am a new world wine kinda gal. And I am all for the Kiwi’s. But this was downright awful and to top it off was the most expensive wine of the night. Major fail.

Would I buy this wine again? Every single person said ‘NO’!


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