review – cono sur cab sav/carmenere

Name of the Wine: Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon Carmenere

Country of Origin: Chile

Year: nope- it’s a blend

Price: $14.50 at BCL

Rating: 4.9

What made this wine fit our theme for the night?: It’s organic and the winery itself prescribes to an incredibly green philosophy. In fact, there is a bicycle on the label because they don’t allow motorized vehicles at their vineyard. Everything is done with bikes!

Comments: This was one of two wines that scored a 4.9 out of 6. It was our only red. . and people felt pretty strongly about it. Two ladies commented that it smelled thick.  If you drink any cheaper or U-brew wine you’ll get what I mean by thick. Full, full body and dry enough to feel like it has texture. I like that. It’s a good feeling and makes for a bold and flavouful wine.

It was definitely oaked and very bold. It was quite dry but would pair well with dinner and we all liked it with our cheese plate!  It’s not a really fruity wine and feels all old country as opposed to fresh new winery… does that make sense? It’s got some meat on it’s bones. I doubt you would find someone under 20 that likes it!

  • Dry, oaky and heavy
  • Very strong,  smells thick, sour after taste
  • Rich, deep red. Perfumey and woody and natural
  • Oaky rich, heavy, sweet and smooth

Would I buy this wine again? Yup! But it won’t be my go-to red…. It’s a great deal for under $15 though. I would be hard pressed to find such a rich wine at that price again! Find out more at




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