review – the wolftrap 2011 white blend

I am going to make a little form for the seven wines we tried this weekend so we are comparing them the same way each time….

Name of the Wine: The WolfTrap

Country of Origin: South Africa

Year: 2011

Price: $14.99 at BCL

Rating: 3.8

What made this wine fit our theme for the night?: There is a green howling wolf on the label!

Comments: This was another wine that I would never have tried. It may be juvenile but I am rarely drawn to wines that look like this. So I would have never even seen it on the shelf with the 1000 other bottles screaming at me.

It is a blend of viognier, chenin blanc and grenache blanc grapes.

I am pretty sure the winery is called Boekenhoustkloff. It says right on the bottle they are on the Western Cape of South Africa. If I had to guess with a 3 second peek at the label I would have bet money this was a German wine. Wine labels, marketing and branding are so interesting to me. I wonder what the story is behind this one. Hidden away on all this busy label stuff was a little sticker declaring this the Winery of the Year as declared by South African Wine Guide. It doesn’t say what year that was though…

On to the wine.  I didn’t like it. It’s pretty oaky. So right away it isn’t my favorite. It had a strong aroma and was smoky in flavor. Some of the ladies loved it and it even got a five. Really, it’s like a German wine. Finished in French oak from a South African winery. Not for me.

This is a white that would hold it’s own with a meal though! It doesn’t have any pairing suggestions on the label but it’s not going to get lost on the table – that’s for sure. Here are some of the comments

  • Dry, smoky and round
  • Strong scent, nice and dry, nice after taste
  • Tastes awful after the fruit tart – better with the cheese

Would I buy this wine again? Personally? No. But I bet a few in the crowd would – especially if she likes dry whites. You can read all about it at



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