attending the wine festival – tips and tricks

We are having our premiere wine event here in Kamloops tonight.

It’s the Art Gallery’s 15th annual Wine Festival. It used to be a one night affair but now it actually spreads over a week at various restaurants. It culminates with a commercial tasting at the Convention Centre tonight at 7:30 pm.

The event hasn’t really changed much over the years. They’ve added more food, some demonstrations and opened it up to wines from all over the world. All good changes. They have also rearranged the room. The first time I went to this event I watched the ambulance take not one but TWO people away. It was too hot, too crowded and there was almost no food. They spread the tables out differently now so it seems to create better flow. And less near death experiences.


Here are some tips for attending big wine events like this if you are going for the first time.

1. Every table has a dump bucket. Use it. If you don’t like the wine just dump it. You won’t be offending anyone. If you are shy dump it at the next table.

2. Drink water. Drink water. Drink water.

3. Taste the food. It is actually yummy and it is going to be your friend.

4. Don’t linger in front of the table catching up with your wine buddies. This is very rude. Catch up on old times to the side of the table!!

5. If you want to take notes bring a pencil. These have never been provided!

6. Take notes! There will be hundreds of wines and you will need help remembering what you like. Some people take the card of the winery if they like the wine. Some use the program. Some star the wines they like. Some live free and just come to sip!

7. Speaking of programs – you’ll get one. It usually has most wines on it but never has them all. So don’t count on it to be your cheat sheet later!

8. You can’t buy wine here. Just FYI.

Have fun!!




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