review – wine event… kamloops art gallery consumer tasting

The Kamloops Art Gallery has been doing their Wine Tasting for fifteen years.  It has evolved  bit and spans a week now. There are various tastings at different restaurants and such in the days leading up to the Consumer Wine Tasting that is the granddaddy of the bunch. This wrap up event takes place on Saturday evening at the Kamloops Convention Centre.

The event is well attended by the public and there are a fair number of wineries there.  There were about 29 attendees this time. Some of these are agents that represent several wineries though. And there were way fewer international wines to sample this time.

All in all it is a good time. There are always a few dignitaries milling about and as long as you bring good company to compare notes with you will have a grand time. You are drinking wine for three hours after all.

I was pretty disappointed this year despite all the tasting and socializing. Really, the event has gone stale. The wineries were complaining openly about the setup and program. Once again there was absolutely no place to sit. The same food as always, same music as always, same silent auction items as always. No demos this year.

The only addition was security guards everywhere in dirty but fluorescent yellow jackets that were patrolling through the crowd and at every doorway making sure you didn’t have your wine glass with you if you had to pee. Really? They looked like they belonged at a mountainfest beer garden. Classy…

This event needs some fresh air.  Even the program is lame. It’s the Art Gallery for God’s sake. The least they could do is create a visually appealing program you could use again to purchase the wines…

At least we got a free pen this time….


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