review – twisted mist strawberry margarita

Last year we bought a Twisted Mist Margarita kit on a silent auction site. The company let us split it between lime and strawberry so we have 14 bottles of each. That was a year ago and we still have some. That should tell you something right there!

It’s ok. Now that we have a new fridge that throws up crushed ice whenever we want it is funner to drink! It’s a wine based margarita and you don’t really taste any strawberry…. you just don’t taste any lime. It does have a bit of a chemical aftertaste… but it is drinkable!

It’s a lot, A LOT, better than the Island Mist crap we made a few years ago after winning it at some other charity thing we were doing. That was just awful. Watery and tasteless, chemically and just yucky.

All in all this is a pretty good cheap cooler. It should work out to around $4-5 a bottle to make it yourself. Coolers are about $3 each in the liquor store so this is about half the price. But it tastes about that cheap, too. You decide!


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