my new favorite bc wine is….

2011 Momento…. from Ovino Winery.

Love their story. Met them at the wine festival. Loved the wine. It’s a surprise wine. It is made with Foch grapes but tastes like a gamay wine! I love that they surprised me with it. I almost wouldn’t taste it as I hadn’t had a nice red yet when I arrived at their tables and I was completely ‘foching’ tired of dry, peppery reds.

We’ll be buying a case for our wedding! Did I mention that it’s under $15 a bottle? You can only get it at the Stag’s Head Liquor Store in Kamloops right now.

I won’t write a full review as the wine festival is a bit overwhemling to actually ‘taste’ wine at. But I can tell you it is awesome and this is a family you will want to support!


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