my nose is a little out of joint…

Twice in the last month I have driven through BC Wine Country and have not visited even one winery. I am sure the wine police will be here any minute for some kind of winesnob crackdown bust. If I don’t finish this post send bail money….

My work has taken me from Kamloops to Salmon Arm twice in the last few weeks and I have not had one minute to spare to sneak around and check to see if anyone is open and hiding something great that you can’t get in a store around here. The smaller wineries have awesome stuff that just isn’t easy to find sometimes.

One of my favorite wines is a fortified merlot from Granite Creek in Tappen. It’s like a port for those that don’t know what that is. Serve it over ice cream, sip it as dessert, have it for breakfast! It is awesome! My honey and I love it.

I swear on my honour I will not pass through again without stopping!


UPDATE  – I checked. They don’t have the dessert wine anyways. Here are their wines if you care to check it out!


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