saturday night’s alright – theme nights

This Saturday is another wine club night!!

The theme is adventure. Time to try something new! I’ve instructed the ladies to bring something they wouldn’t normally try… or a port or sherry. Maybe they will buy a wine from somewhere they had an adventure or a place they want to go for one?

Why do we have a theme anyways? Well, if we didn’t have a theme then it would just be a bunch of drinkers getting together regularly. And you know what that is right? AA. And seeing as we bring booze we would be totally failing the 12 steps. I’m a bit of an overachieving perfectionist so I don’t aim to fail.  Themes make it less AA and more Hooray! Just kidding.

We do themes for a few reasons.

First, it helps people new to wine get out there and buy something other than Naked Grape and Jackson Triggs. We tend to gravitate to the familiar when we can. So giving people a reason to step away from the California aisle at the liquor store helps.

Second, we have been doing this a long time. So the themes keep it fresh and fun. We make the food fit the theme and sometimes do some games in the style of the theme.

So if you are hoping to have a wine tasting feel free to steal some themes…

  • BC wines
  • 2009
  • western
  • green
  • chardonnay
  • chile
  • $10 price cap
  • organic
  • outside the bottle (think tetra pak… unusual containers)
  • crazy names
  • Europe
  • any varietal, each from a different country
  • adventure
  • black
  • goes great with fish
  • fruit wines
  • mystery wine (bag the wine and have different price ranges to see if people can pick the pricey stuff)
  • local wine
  • beer!
  • martinis!
  • 5 years old or older
  • best for xmas dinner
  • best for new wine drinkers

Any of these are easy to host and set up. If you look at some older posts there are other tips for having a tasting!

Enjoy your adventures in wine!!



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