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We visited the newest liquor store in Kamloops last week.

But it’s not a liquor store. It’s a wine store. BC wines. BC VQA wines. Only.

Oh, they sell cheese, and wine glasses, and other little off shoot things that winers might like. There was a very, very expensive picnic basket that was lovely but way out of my budget. But we went to buy wine so let us get to that!

There were four staff in the small store so we were greeted quickly and had lots of help. They have a tasting counter and you can taste different wines every day. We tried a foch that was okay but not suited to our needs that day. We met the owner, Tracy, who popped out while we were there.

There was a LOT of wine! I liked that the bulk of their stock  was organized in alphabetical order by winery. So if you know exactly what you are looking for it should be easy to spot. They had two shelves of lower priced wines as well – under $16. Then they had feature wines here and there.

The staff was friendly and helpful. If you weren’t sure what to get you would likely get a lot of advice by checking in here. The staff sample to sell, like Starbucks. So they have tried all the wines. What is interesting though is that as soon as we told them we had a theme in mind they were quick to point out many interesting wines that had quirky names but didn’t ask a single question to either of us about our tastes, price range or anything that would actually give them a hint about what we like to drink… pretty standard sale tactics I would think.

Also, the staff really knew the wines. They could bang off which was a blend or which had gamay grapes pretty quickly, giving me a few suggestions for each question I asked.

Because it is all BC VQA wine there are still lots of wines from little wineries that you aren’t going to find here.  And although we did buy our wine for adventure night here it wasn’t what I really wanted as the territory is pretty narrow.

I’ll be back but it won’t end up my go-to wine shop…..


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  1. Stefan
    Jul 14, 2013 @ 16:32:15

    Hi there! Thank you for your recent visit to Discover Wines, and for your review. We do pride ourselves on exemplary service and if we fell short of your expectations in any way,I would invite you back into the store and introduce yourself to me.
    We have a very wide selection of 100% BC wines all VQA certified, to suit most any taste and budget and certainly hope you will visit us again soon.
    Stefan Struk,
    Discover Wines Store Manager



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