how we rate wine… or drunk math

In case you are new here is a little breakdown on rating wine.

I only post ratings when we have a wine club night. That can mean 3 of us met or 12 of us met.

We each rate the wine out of 6. Six was chosen after much scientific debate and analysis and maybe after a few glasses of wine. Six won because it is my favorite number and I am pretty sure it is a perfect score in figure skating. (That’s a true story)

I add all the ratings together and divide by the number of raters. Because I don’t pull out the highest and lowest scores that means the average can really be swung by a lone dissenter.

Our club consists of people who have very varied tastes and backgrounds in wine and no idea how to really taste it. None of us is really very good at it. That is all we really have in common.  But unless you are a mega wine snob you will probably be drinking it just like us, to enjoy it.

So I hope you find our ratings helpful! Cheers!


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