review – bartier bros cowboy red



Name of the Wine: Bartier Bros Cowboy Red

Country of Origin: Canada (BC)

Year: 2011

Price: $22.90 at Discover Wines Liquor Store

Rating: 2.9

What made this wine fit our theme for the night?: Yeehaw!  What cowboy isn’t up for an adventure in the wild west?

Comments: Well… this was a bit disappointing. I actually almost bought this wine for Adventure Night and I am glad I didn’t. It was the second most expensive bottle of the night. What it had in the cost department wasn’t matched by what it brought to the taste department.  With little to no finish and medium body at best this was certainly not a $23 bottle of wine. In fact, one sipper lowered the score she gave it after trying another wine. Saying she had been far too generous after comparing (that bottle was $14 btw). While this wine delivered some fruity, peppery flavours it really, really lacked any depth.

If you are going to buy bottles at $23 a pop you can get a lot more bang for your buck!

Would I buy this wine again? Nope… it can ride into the sunset… mosey on outta here…. Keep it’s boots on…. Hit the dusty trail. It’s not worth the horse it rose in on! HA!


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