go home, wine critic – you’re drunk

I followed a link on twitter a few days ago to a very nasty, uppity,  down-right rude blog article about BC wine. I am not going to link to it. If you really want to find it you can track it down via Google. I am not going to send him any traffic…

The gist of the article was that BC wine, the BC wine industry and BC wine workers (including restaurant and tasting room staff) were incompetent and second rate at best. This brilliant expert wine man sauntered around Vancouver searching out great wine and great wine knowledge and came up empty handed. The reason he wrote about this is he was choosing not to waste his time coming to the 2013 wine blogger conference held in Penticton.

I didn’t go to the conference either. Mostly because I am a wine drinker first…. then a wine talker. Also, I didn’t really know about it and I certainly don’t know enough about anything to show up at an actual event with really wine people. That alone is enough to differentiate me from Mr. Brilliant Expert Wine Man.

But what really separates us? I actually try to find wine I like. And when I drink wine I actually try to find things about it I like. Then I talk to people I like. Or I talk to people I don’t know and try to find something I like about them. Are you picking up a pattern here?

I think this guy has lost his way…. And what I am getting at is you should drink wine because you like it. And if you run across one you don’t like? SPIT IT OUT!

There is lots of science to wine and the wine industry. But if you just want to drink good wine none of that should really cause you enough grief and worry to go ripping into people.  Maybe his other articles are great and have some things to share that would actually steer me towards something I could buy or try. But his attitude had me checking out after the first 6 paragraphs.

If you just want to chat about wine feel free to keep reading along as I learn more! I promise there will always be something nice to read! Also, I think BC makes some pretty damn fine wine, Mr. Brilliant Expert Wine Man. So take off!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jocellyn
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 18:47:16

    This is probably the type of person who would pick a so called subpar wine as the favorite at the blind tasting ; )



  2. sipsinthecity
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 19:32:10

    Really, after reading what he wrote I would be surprised if he liked anything. He was really searching for things to complain about. Not an attractive quality in a human!



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