and the best bc wedding wine is….

Kevin and I are getting married this August! Yay!! And for a really long time now we have been debating what wine to buy for our wedding weekend.

We are getting married in the middle of the woods. literally.  Like, so far out in the woods that we had to include a note in our invitations warning guests not to use Google maps or gps to get there. So most people that come will be staying nearby and will make a weekend out of the day. That is awesome. But logistically it is a bit of a nightmare.

So what wine do you serve 90 people over the course of two days with everything from bean salad to smores? That you can actually afford to buy? That is good?

Basically, we have totally over thought this. Like starting a family the practicing has been fun. We have bought a red and a white every few weeks or so and tried them out. The last Art Gallery wine tasting was all about finding a wedding wine for me. We wanted it to be under $10 a bottle without being a cookie cutter California blend… nothing has rung all the bells.

So we have decided to serve lots of them! Am I a genius or what?

Kevin and I love wine tasting. We love our wine club and visiting wineries. We love trying new wine and trying them with different foods. We know that getting to our wedding site will be a big deal and some people will be early and some will be late (logging roads will do that to an itinerary). So we have started our wedding day with a ‘Cheers and Cheese’ social. We will be serving 10 different BC wines along with some great cheese and chocolates made in the Cariboo. That way the first half hour will be fantastic and by the time we are ready to crank up the music and walk the aisle everyone will have already been having a good time!

And as a bonus now we get to choose 10 wines instead of two! This way we can share some of favorite, great wines without having to buy cases of them. And I don’t have to narrow it down… even better!

The dinner wines will be easy and can be a little more generic. Then we will be serving the Chocovine when we do smores around the campfire to wrap up the night.

That makes one thing on my wedding to-do list done. Just a million to go!



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  1. the drunken cyclist
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 07:04:22

    Congratulations! When I got married, I totally over thought the wine as well. No one at the reception probably thought twice about it, but I remember what we drank to this day–and it was fabulous….



    • sipsinthecity
      Jun 20, 2013 @ 22:20:26

      We have really over thought the wine… and most certainly will be the only ones to notice. But I have also over thought the decor, gift bags, plates, shoes…. you get the picture!



  2. dfolstad58
    Jun 22, 2013 @ 17:18:17

    Thanks for following my blog! When I lived in Kamloops I don’t know if there was any wineries near Kamloops. I met my wife Sue there and have blogged about our first date – waterskiing on the river, and she lived in Rayleigh when I met her. Enjoy blogging, Best wishes for your wedding day, I don’t remember all the guests, and so on but I do remember my face muscles hurt from smiling all day, and when I said my vows my wife had tears in her eyes, and then she whispered to me I was squeezing her hands too hard in my nervousness. (smile)

    Love the name and set up of your blog – have fun, I will check back and recommend your blog to my friends who still live along the river in Kamloops.

    I hope you get over to Naramata sometime to check out Elephant Island winery – maybe a winery side trip to blog about.



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