can you get a little wine culture at the thrive festival?

The short answer seems to be no…

I clicked around the Thrive website after reading about the Iron Chef competition this weekend at the TRU Campus Activity Centre.

I can’t find any mention of wine related culinary classes or displays. Unless the Iron Chef’s are going to cook up a little local wine fare it will be a wineless weekend. I checked through the expo information as well and came up empty handed. So no opportunities to talk to local wine makers either.

So if you were hoping to get a little wine culture this weekend while Thrive was here you are going to need to look elsewhere.

That seems like a lost opportunity on Thrive’s part.

You can look for yourself here


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  1. Katherine
    Jun 24, 2013 @ 18:49:34

    I think it probably has something to do with funding – especially since it’s the first year of the festival. Also, being a non-profit organization, alcoholic events are not easy to get sponsored. A good idea, though!



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