review – barefoot moscato

This wine says deliciously sweet on the bottle. It also has a Best of Class sticker on it. I don’t know about that….

I bought this to sip by the pool yesterday because the weather was awesome and I planned to spend the whole evening outside. But this bottle is bordering on dessert wine. It is really, really sweet.

It smells amazing. Like fruit salad. It is a full blown apricot-fest.But holey moley – it is way too sweet to eat anything with. We had dorado and a corn and tomato salad for dinner and this wine didn’t work. It has a fruity, citrusy flavour along with the aroma but I was not impressed.

As for body, it disappeared half way down my tongue. The taste just fades out before you even swallow it.

If you are not a wine drinker but want to bring something to a party that doesn’t come in a four pack then this is your wine. Otherwise. leave it on the shelf!



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