june’s wine night theme

Unfortunately I can’t share this month’s theme with you just yet….

I had a great idea for a theme this time but I knew from experience that it would be too limiting for eight or ten people to fit into without bumping into each other.

I like it when the wines are varied and there are many things to try. I really like it when there are great wines and wines I would never buy again. And because some of us have very different tastes, if the wines ran too closely along the same theme someone would inevitably go home with a hangover that wasn’t worth it.

Last month the theme was Adventure and I suggested that people could buy a port or a sherry if they couldn’t find something else. That resulted in almost all dessert type wines. It was a fun night but lesson learned.  For variety the theme needs to be more carefully thought out. Even the ’50 Shades of Grey’ night brought out more variety. (As I type that I am seeing a joke in there…)

So, this month we have two themes. To liven it up half the group was given one assignment and the other half another. But to really liven it up the best part is they are a secret! And there is to be no telling each other what they need to buy. Couples have been split down the middle on purpose and suddenly boyfriends are out getting there own wine. Haha!

We should have an interesting mix of wines and snacks and a little fun thrown in to boot. I’ll tell you all about it on Saturday!


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