review – where not to buy wine in kamloops

I try to get around…

Especially on the North Shore where I like to spread my money if I can so I support the retailers in my neck of the woods. It hasn’t been easy finding a great wine retailer on the North SHore yet so I keep trying.

Yesterday I popped into Bruno’s Cold Beer and Wine to find a white wine to go with our end-of-school BBQ and pool party that I was heading to. I wanted to toast all the Mom’s that have been a great support network for each other the last few years as our kids have been in the same few classes together. I needed something light (it was the early afternoon on a Wednesday after all), fairly easy to sip and not too expensive.

Bruno’s is in the 300 block of Tranquille in a little strip mall.It had a small wine selection. I won’t be back.

First, it has a giant, stuffed, real bear in the middle of the store. What? Also, it is surrounded by cases of beer. What? I can’t even tell you how much that is not my thing.

Second, even though I was the only person in the store the entire time I was there, the clerk never came out form behind the till to help me. I hummed, I hawwed, I went back and forth between the two sections of wine over and over. Clearly, I was undecided. I was fishing for help. She didn’t notice.

There were a few surprising choices here. Smaller wineries that have bottles here. I was surprised to see Cedar Creek wines. They are from Tappen and suffered a devastating fire last winter.

But if she was hoping I would buy a bottle she was leaving it up to the universe. There was no salemanship going on here.

Third, The shelf labels were poorly and inconsistently printed. Some had the sweetness rating and some didn’t. Some had the information about country and some didn’t. That isn’t helpful unless you know those details on your own. And the only wine I saw in a cooler was champagne. No whites cooled off and ready to deliver as a hostess gift. I am always picking up this stuff on the way to the party – Queen of Procrastination!!

Looks like this is a beer store. Wine Fail! I’ll stick to the BC Liquor store in North Kamloops for now.


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