a perfect summer wine…

Name of the Wine: Jacob’s Creek Moscato

Country of Origin: Australia

Year: 2012 (fresh off the press!!)

Price: $13.00

Rating: 5

What made this wine fit our theme for the night?: Our theme was garden greens and this wine was great with all our fresh appetizers!

Comments: Hello Pool Sipper of the Year!! This wine was loved by everyone at the wine tasting! It is a bit bubbly, sweet but not saccharine, very light and full of flavor. It comes in at a 6 on the sweetness scale so it is not a dinner wine. But at 7.2% alcohol you can sip quite a bit of this through the afternoon. Score!!

For $13 it is a really great wine. It’s the best Moscato I’ve ever had by far. We were comparing it to drinking coolers actually and it is that light. If you are new to wine this is a great starter for you! Not a dinner wine… not a dinner wine… not a dinner wine. I can’t say that enough or you are going to be disappointed. It is too sweet for supper. Breakfast? That I could see!!

Would I buy this wine again? Absolutely!!



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  1. survivingtrd
    Jul 03, 2013 @ 11:04:01

    Cheaper at the government liquor store than at a specialty store!



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