coming soon – twisted mist winemaking tutorial

I have decided to make some Twisted Mist Margaritas and Pink Lemonade!

We made these ‘wine beverages’ once before a few years ago. I won a set through an online auction and we have finished them finally. At first I wasn’t super happy with them. There is a bit of a fake or chemically taste to them… but then we got our new fridge. Our fancy new fridge has crushed ice that comes right out of heaven and through a little hole in the front of our fridge. It is a miracle!

Once the margarita is well chilled and served over a whole glass of crushed ice it is a great poolside drink! A kit makes about 29 bottles and costs $135. That is less than $5 a bottle and there are about four glasses in a bottle. Cheaper than coolers by far!!

Don’t confuse the Twisted Mist kit with Island Mist wine kits. I won one of those once – take note of the slight auction addiction – and I would never, ever spend money on that garbage again.

It takes five weeks from the time you start the kit until you bottle so I should have done this a month ago. Oh well, better late than never!


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