monday q&a – is all wine gross?

I am going to start posting a little question and answer ditty every Monday. Now that the Daily News is carrying articles under my blog title I chat more and more about wine with people. If you have a question you would like answered please feel free to email it to me at! I’ll do my best t track down the answer!

Q: Is there a fool-proof wine to buy for a gift? How do I know what I am buying isn’t gross? Bobbie

A: The short answer is no. The long answer is all wine is gross. To someone.

Wine is like any distinctly flavoured or textured thing we consume. Some people will like tart tastes or strong tastes and others will like things lighter or sweeter. Some people like lots of texture (that’s body in winese) and others don’t. So there is no sure fire wine that everyone will love.

You can improve your chances of buying your friend something they like by following a few easy tips.

  • Buy a big name wine. They are made from big batches of grapes and taste the same year after year and bottle after bottle. If they have been around a long time chance are lots of people find them drinkable.
  • Buy white. It’s easier to drink with more choices. It is also served colder.
  • Buy something with a funky label. Fun wines are usually new world wines.
  • Spend at least $12. Trust me.

If all else fails they can use it in a sauce!! So include a recipe card if you are really worried!! Good Luck!



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