it’s my half birthday! (and father tony’s , too!)


It’s been six months since I started this blog. Happy Birthday, little blog!!

In that time it has grown quite quickly, I think. With over 2500 page views from nearly 40 countries and a new weekly column in our local daily paper as a result I am quite pleased with the direction this has taken. And it has renewed my energy for my wine club antics as well!

This will be post number 137. When I first started out most of my traffic was coming from facebook. That was my friends and family… (Thanks, all!) Now most of my traffic comes from search engines and the reviews get more hits than anything! With over 700 followers and a growing twitter feed things are getting mighty busy around this little cyber pad!!

If growth continues like this I’ll be adding some opportunities for advertising and sponsored posts. Maybe four sponsored reviews a month?? I am starting to explore the not-so-free WordPress hosting options that will allow more space and creativity on the site as well as advertising space. Whoda thunk??

Thanks for popping by and checking in every once in a while. We are still sipping away over here and enjoying every minute of it!

Cheers! (And Happy half-birthday, Father Tony. I have no idea who you are but whoever put that picture of your cake on the internet did a great job!)


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