review – skinnygirl margarita (original)

Something different for our anniversary!

I decided to try this pre-made cocktail despite my complete dislike for all things Bethany Frankel. Really, does it get more self indulgent than that? Have you seen her solo reality show? It’s probably why her fans drink.

I am not even sure what possessed me to buy it. I was at a hole-in-the-wall cold beer and wine shack and picked this instead of a hole-in-the-wall wine, which is all you can get in this place.

So here I am with said bottle.

As I mentioned before my fridge shoots out crushed ice right from heaven so getting a blended margarita is pretty easy around here. This one is ready to go – you just add ice. It is made with blue agave silver tequila and comes in at 12.7% alcohol. The ingredients list very few chemical formulas! That’s one for the win column!

I am not sure quite what to make of this drink. I don’t buy a lot of pre-made cocktails like this. I will say that I was expecting a chemical after taste and it doesn’t have that! My parents reside in Mexico a good deal of the time so I have had many a marg…. some with an awful chemical taste. Like Crystal Light. Not good. And it tastes like tequila. Another for the win column. But the first ingredient is water…. strike one. Or strike two if we are taking away points just for being Bethany. (I know she sold out but still… guilt by association)

I guess this came off as a high-end cooler to me. But at $20 for the bottle that’s  pricey cooler. And at 110 calories for 125 mls that’s not all that skinny either. Two more for the negative column for you math geeks out there.

So, all in all, I won’t buy it again. But if you are a margarita or a tequila fan this might be worth a try for you! Ole!





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jocellyn
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 04:12:14

    I never really got the point of all these skinny drink things (and skinny anything, really!) :-\ They make me exceedingly uncomfortable. I saw a low-calorie wine the other day. Like, wtf?! I’m all for not pigging out all day, ever day, but by golly life was meant to be enjoyed! And $20?! Yikes!
    (end of exasperation)



  2. sipsinthecity
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 07:28:51

    I was happy it didn’t have that aspartame after taste. But it doesn’t contain any lime juice either….. hmmm….



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