monday q&a – my wine went bad…

Q: I was given some wine last year as a gift but I am not a wine drinker so I put it aside. We had guests over this summer and when I opened it I think it had gone bad. What went wrong?

A: 50 lashes to you for wasting the wine! In all honesty this question wasn’t submitted. I have been away so I didn’t fish around for a question this week and this one comes instead from my memory. It was a real conversation with someone whom shall remain nameless ( cough, cough, Bob, Cough) that I know in my real life. Feel free to submit a question for next week for me, BTW!!

What happened here is that they got some homemade/UBrew wine as gifts. Since they aren’t wine drinkers it was stored in the cupboard over their fridge for however long (think months to a year) and then pulled out for a get-together. Every bottle was off.

Stored upright + in a warm place + for too long = vinegar or something close to it.

If you hang on to wine to use for a special occasion you really do need to store it on it’s side (if it has a cork which UBrew does) in a cool place. And it won’t get better in a few years. In about six month or so it will be good but any longer than that and you risk it going bad.  Above the fridge is one of the worst places to keep it. If you have a pantry or a place downstairs that would be best.

No more wasting wine, people.Shame on you!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Wandering Gourmand
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 13:11:01

    I save bottles of wine like that to give to people I don’t want to see again… very evil.



  2. sipsinthecity
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 15:49:08

    haha – maybe you are the reason they think all wine is awful!



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