update on the home brew twisted mist tutorial

I just wanted  you to know that after a little confusion on the part of the U Brew staff our margaritas and pink lemonade are percolating away! We re set to bottle them just before the wedding, I think.

Here’s how the first stage goes down…

1. Call to make an appointment to ‘pitch your yeast’. That is Ubrewese for starting your moonshine.

2. Pop in at your designated time and they will be all ready for you and you take a minute and throw your yeast in the vat.

3. Wait until it’s time to bottle your hooch. These kits take five weeks. Some take eight weeks. Some six. This one is five. We made our bottling appointment while we were there.

4. Collect bottles. It is way cheaper if you have your own bottles.If you are planning to bottle some wine here is a great little nugget for ya’. Try to get corked bottles. Not all screw top bottles can be corked with the easier corker and some not at all. Just save bottles that had a cork in them to start if you can! You will need about 29 bottles.

5. To be continued!



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