is this how to choose a wedding wine?

One of the most frequent search engine terms that drive people to my blog is ‘BC Wedding Wine’. I am not a top wedding wine expert because I know what I am talking about, though. It’s only because I have blogged about our own search for a decent wedding wine that makes my blog a popular wedding query destination.

I have been debating what to do about wedding wine for at least a year. In fact, when I attended the Kamloops Art Gallery Consumer Wine Tasting this year my only mission was to walk out of there with a clear winner for our wedding. I failed miserably.

First, I am pretty cheap. I wanted something under $10 a bottle. That’s pretty hard to find. But when you are putting out two bottles on each table it can add up pretty quickly so you want to be careful.

Secondly, the sky was the limit when it came to choices. If you are having your wedding at a venue that provides catering and bar service you may be limited in what you can serve. We are getting married in the middle of the woods so we have no wine list to choose from. Twice as hard, at least!

Third strike was that I am actually pretty picky in the wine department and in the wedding department, too. So I wasn’t willing to settle. Like every other aspect of a wedding, from the color of the soles of my shoes to whether or not I monogram the toilet paper rolls, the choice of wine served would be a reflection on me. No pressure there!!

I think most brides get to this point where all things take on greater and greater significance until you get ground to a halt.  That’s where I got stuck. Until I had the revelation that saved my sanity, that is!

Your dinner wine should go well with dinner. It’s a bonus if the wine is drinkable by a majority of people. By that I mean not too… well, not too anything. Not too dry or too heavy or too sweet or too flowery. Pretty generic. You should be able to find something in the $8-10 range that fits that bill. A bottle holds 3-4 glasses of wine so plan for two bottles per table.  After much debate we will be serving a higher priced UBrew wine for dinner at our wedding. Some wine snobs just got the shiverees reading that!

But here is where we are really going to shine. Before the ceremony we will be having a little pre-wedding ‘Cheers, Cheese and Chocolate’ Soiree. We are choosing ten different BC wines to showcase with some local cheeses and chocolates. These wines will be a bit pricier and reflect my sweetheart and I and our tastes a bit more accurately. For you math teachers out there that’s just ten bottles at $20 a pop rather than twenty-four of them.

Problem solved. Now I just need to narrow down those ten bottles. At least the homework will be fun!


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