monday q&a – wine and jellybeans

Q: I saw vegetarian wine. Ummm…. What?

A: Ya. This one got me, too.  I was also surprised the first time I saw vegetarian jelly beans. I am not sure why I thought jelly beans weren’t made with gelatine. Maybe it was denial? As a really lazy vegetarian, it never really occurred to me that things without visible steak, chicken or pigs in them would be a grey area. Even pie is the devil. Even cheesecake is the devil. And even wine is the devil. Ack!

So, yes, there can be some animal product in wine, or more specifically, animal product used to produce your wine. Both non-organic and organic wines can be made by this process, so buying organic is not a guarantee against animal products. depending on the finishing process.This is another one of those areas that go under the radar because there is no ingredient list on your wine bottle!

If you are concerned about animal welfare (my veggie loving mentality) or the consumption of animal product for health reasons or allergies you need to do your research to find a vegetarian wine. I googled it and came up with several lists of vegan rather than vegetarian wines. The most reputable one seems to be this one.

I’m not a vegan so I indulge with my head in the sand and just count the cows I save from my plate – and not my glass.

We’ll look at the process and the subject in greater depth on another day.


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