review – beer!

Name of the Wine: Not a wine this time! It’s BEER! Okanagan Spring Summer Weizen

Country of Origin: Canada (BC)

Year: 2012 (it’s beer after all)

Price: part of a case of limited edition releases….

Rating: 2

What made this wine fit our theme for the night?: We thought we would give this limited edition sample pack of beer a try this week.  Yay for the BC LONG WEEKEND!!

Comments: I’ll be honest… other than the occasional beer night tacked onto wine night so the hubbies will come, I don’t drink beer outside of Mexico. And in Mexico I drink margaritas except at the beach. And now that I have found these weird Mexican coolers (at least I think they are coolers based on my Spanglish) I don’t even drink it down there often. However, the one thing I have had before is apricot beer. And that, my friends, is what we have here in our little can of Summer Weizen.

Long story short… this is not going to win over any wine drinkers and get them hooked on beer. Whatever this is, it’s certainly not the crack cocaine of the craft brewing world. It tasted like peach mouthwash mixed with iced tea that makes you burp.

I can drink a beer.. ice cold, in a glass, on a hot day. This was a fail for me though. And it was a fail for Kevin, too. Now, there is a guy who can appreciate a beer. And has some pretty extensive experience in the field. He said this is probably his least favorite beer of all time.

The other apricot beer I had had a beer start with an apricot finish. This one had apricot all the way through. I am not sure if that is what turned me off or what it was but this was a hearty thumbs down.

Would I buy this wine again? Belch….


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