review – white bear spirit blend 2011

Sorry for the absence… WordPress kicked me off and it took getting back to me home computer to get back on here!! I hope everyone had a lovely BC day weekend!! Here is a little about the wine we shared!

Name of the Wine: White Bear Spirit Blend

Country of Origin: Canada (BC)

Year: 2011

Price: under $12

Rating: 3

What made this wine fit our theme for the night: It didn’t! We bought it on the fly and had it at the cabin with burgers

Comments: This wine was really not for me. Man, does it smell like apple juice! But it has a very citrusy taste and nearly no finish. Usually I am pretty good with the blends but this one wasn’t a favorite for either Kevin or myself. It has a light to medium body and just a little finish. It has enough weight to be eaten with dinner but it lacks the acid… that’s all I can think of to describe it. It was not labeled as a sweet wine but it was a little sweet for burgers and salad. I have hung onto the leftovers to try with some lighter fare and see if it pairs a bit better with a cheese plate and fruit. It’s not a bad wine… but it’s not versatile. I am sure we’ll find it’s niche.

Would I buy this wine again? No…



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