how’d we do with the u-brew

Kevin bottled our Twisted Mist margaritas and pink lemonade just two days before our wedding. I was pleased as I could bring some of it with me for the weekend. Turns out we didn’t need it! We had so much wine we didn’t even make it through to the twisted mist…

Good thing, too. This batch was a far cry from a winner.

Two years ago we  made this kit at our usual u-brew haunt after purchasing it in a silent auction. I got it for about half price and it made 14 bottles of lime margarita and 14 bottles of strawberry margarita. As far as a cooler goes (which is how I drank it) it was alright. Once we got our ice maker in the front of our fridge it was pretty easy drinking.

I was expecting the same this time. And as far as the margarita goes I guess that is what I got.

But the pink lemonade is awful.

I have tried adding fresh lemon juice, lime juice, lots of ice, serving it super cold… everything. And we just don’t like it.

I guess this is always the fear with u-brew. What happens if you get a batch you don’t like? Nothing is wrong with it so I don’t feel I can go back to the store with it but we just don’t care for it. It tastes all chemically….I suppose we’ll serve it to guests we don’t like!

it is a limited edition and may not be available again until next year. Mark this in your memory… just say no.


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