review – rigamarole red 2011

Name of the Wine: Rigamarole Red

Country of Origin: Canada (BC)

Year: 2011

Price: $14 at Discover Wines

Rating: 3

What made this wine fit our theme for the night: We didn’t use this for a wine night – we bought it to have with dinner on a Tuesday. Cause that’s how we roll!

Comments: After a long summer where we were rarely home long enough to eat meals we are back on track and enjoying having real, good food once again. I had a plan to make a nice dinner and we picked up this bottle just beforehand to go along with it. I really wanted a red as we have been sipping whites more often than not lately. Damn thinking… It wasn’t a win this time. This wine is a BC VQA wine and a blend of 3 of my favorite grapes. With a shout out to Gamay, no less!! But… it’s too damn oaked for me. Really, that is all I get out of this bottle. With little body and lots of oak , this wine is not for me. In fact, it was even a little watery. And at $14 I expected more than that.

We had it with gnocchi, then with dessert, then with a Mexican chicken dish, then we gave up. That is all.

Would I buy this wine again? No…


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