you can steal our wine theme

If you are following along from the Kamloops Daily News columns you might be getting ready to meet and sip wine with your friends in the next few weeks.

I’ve talked about how to set up your tasting, who to invite and how to run the show once your drinking buddies arrive at your house. I briefly mentioned that we have a theme every month, too. If you aren’t a Daily News subscriber and you arrived here from another avenue then you may have already read posts on these topics. If you are as new as fresh snow then you need to search old posts to catch up…. cause we are going to address themes starting right now!

We always have a theme for our wine nights. And we have had a different theme every time for many, many years. I get it if a theme is not coming to you like a vision from the Vineyard Gods. So I am giving you full permission to use ours! I’ll let you know every month what the theme is and you can steal it to your heart’s content! In fact, I will be updating some of the blog pages shortly and I’ll even add a tab for you all so you can pick themes easily!!

Now, on to our September theme… It’s Harvest.

Possible ideas include Late harvest wines, wines with a harvestish name or that mention harvest on the bottle, wines that go well with fall veggies or fruits (hello, apple tarts and pumpkin mousse)… you get the idea.

I already have my wine which I purchased last week at Harper’s Trail Winery. I’ll be doing a big post about our visit there next week! After we sip our harvest wines. Stay tuned!


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